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What Cheaters Everywhere Will Be Doing on Mistress Day Feb. 13

Mistress Day, Feb 13 is the day cheaters set aside to spend quality time together since they’re obligated to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their mates.  This unofficial holiday falls on Monday this year, and most cheating men and women already have their plans in place.

This article in the Valentine’s Day infidelity series will give you an idea of what cheating Valentines usually plan to do.  Armed with this information you can decide whether you want to catch the cheaters together, or sabotage some, if not all of their plans

Flowers and Gifts.

A cheating man has to make arrangements to give his mistress her Valentine’s Day gift in person.  A cheating woman has to make herself available to receive her secret lover’s gift.  Regardless of whether it’s the man or the woman who’s the cheater, whatever the game plan is, schedules must be adjusted, and lies must be told.  To pull all this off without making their spouse or significant other suspicious, the cheater may call in sick for the day, take an extended lunch, or take the whole afternoon off.

It’s customary for a cheating husband or boyfriend to give his mistress flowers and a special Valentine’s Day gift.  In fact, 50% of the women in one survey said they’d end their relationship if they didn’t get something for Valentine’s Day.   So if the cheater wants to stay in his mistress's good graces (and in her bed) it’s mandatory that he buy her a gift. 

A special bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers will usually be delivered to the mistress’s job. They must be sufficiently lavish to impress her co-workers, though sometimes he’ll have them delivered to her home. Florists have observed that cheating men spend much more money on flowers for their mistress than they spend on the flowers they buy for their wife.     

Mistress Day Lover’s Trysts  

The typical Mistress Day rendezvous begins with a romantic lunch or dinner at an upscale restaurant. If her Valentine’s Day gift is a piece of jewelry, the cheater will usually give it to his mistress over a candlelit meal.  If he buys her Valentine’s Day candy, it will be Godiva or a comparable premium brand.  One study found that cheating men 3 to 4 times more on their mistress than on their wife or main girlfriend. Mistresses usually get the most expensive gifts.

If lingerie is part of his Mistress Day gift, he may splurge on the honeymoon suite at an upscale hotel.  Champagne and a gourmet room service feast may be the prelude or the finishing touch to an afternoon or evening of passionate love.

Since Mistress Day falls on Monday this year, if the cheating man can pass it off as a business trip, he may spring for a weekend away. He’ll be back in plenty of time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his main girlfriend or his wife.

More Mistress Day Tips and Advice

Now that you know what they’ll be up to, you can decide where, when and how to sabotage their plans. For brief accounts of 4 women who did this, visit my Real Life Infidelity blog.

The next article in the Valentine’s Day infidelity series will provide details on exactly how you can sabotage the cheater’s Mistress Day plans.  Bookmark this page and check back often over the next 2 days so you don’t miss any of this valuable information.   Please feel free to tweet the link to this article or share it with your Facebook friends.

This article is part of the Valentine’s Day infidelity article series associated with my 14th Annual Valentine’s Day Infidelity Awareness Campaign.  Other upcoming articles will cover  what clues to look for between February 13 – 15,  how flowers, jewelry, and certain types of behavior can expose a cheating Valentine, and specific signs that show up when Valentine’s day has passed..

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