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Signs of Infidelity that Usually Show Up After Valentine’s Day

There are certain signs of infidelity that usually appear shortly AFTER Valentine’s Day which can expose a cheating mate.  But knowing what to look for is the key.  If you think you have a cheating spouse or significant other check the list below.  The first 10 are for women who think their husbands or boyfriends may be cheating on them.  The last 5 are for men who think they might have a cheating girlfriend or wife.

For Women:
●   A hidden gift-wrapped Valentine’s Day gift that disappeared after Valentine’s Day but wasn’t given to you.

●   Receipts for the purchase of 2 identical gifts.  The jewelry store receipt says he bought 2 identical diamond heart pendants.  You got one, who did he give the other one to?

●   Receipts or credit card bills for candy, flowers, jewelry, lingerie or gift cards you didn’t personally receive from him on Valentine’s Day.  Who got a gift card for $300 worth of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, or a day of pampering at a local spa?  (If it wasn’t you, then who?

●   Receipts or charge slips for gifts that don’t correspond with the Valentine’s Day gift he gave you.
●   A thank you note, e-mail or text from another woman to your spouse husband or boyfriend for a Valentine’s Day gift you know nothing about. (If it was an innocent gift he would have told you about it)

●   Restaurant receipts or charge slips dated February 13, 14, or 15 showing an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant that didn’t include you.

●   Credit card receipts for a hotel stay dated February 13 (Mistress Day), February 14, or February 15, the day of or the day after Valentine’s Day. (Does the time stamp correspond with the time your husband or boyfriend was missing in action or unreachable by phone on Mistress day?)

●   A discarded florist receipt showing an expensive Valentine’s Day floral arrangement delivered to a person or an address unfamiliar to you.

●   Cell phone logs or a cell phone bill showing suspicious calls made very early in the morning, very late in the evening on Valentine’s Day or Mistress Day.  (See the Mistress Day articles at )

●   ATM slips for cash withdrawals on or around Valentine’s Day that greatly exceed what he spent on you for Valentine’s Day.  (If your husband gave you flowers and took you out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, why did he need to withdraw $600 2 days before Valentine’s Day?)

For Men:
●   A discarded heart shaped box,  a light blue Tiffany box, crumpled remnants of red wrapping paper or wrapping paper with hearts on it, other evidence of a Valentine’s Day gift that you didn’t give your girlfriend or wife, hidden in the bottom of the wastepaper basket or tossed into the trash.  

●   New jewelry your wife or girlfriend suddenly starts wearing shortly after Valentine's Day - especially if it's heart shaped, contains diamonds or rubies, or is engraved with sentiments of love. (If she attempts to pass it off as a piece of jewelry she purchased for herself, ask her to show you the sales receipt.)

●   A discarded (or hidden) love note to your wife or girlfriend that came from Valentine’s Day flowers that weren’t sent by you.

●   A text message on your wife’s or girlfriend’s cell phone thanking another man for a Valentine’s Day she never mentioned to you. (If it was an innocent gift, why didn’t she tell you about it?)

●   Lingerie that suddenly appears in her underwear drawer after Valentine’s Day - lacy panties or bras -- especially in black or red.  If she tells you she purchased them for herself, ask to see the sales receipt.)

Some of signs above were taken directly from  Is He Cheating on You? 829 Telltale Signs  The chapter on Gifts contains 19 telltale signs. The chapter on Physical Evidence contains 32 telltale signs. The chapter on Absences contains 39 telltale signs. The chapter on Financial Affairs contains 52 telltale signs. The chapter on Accidental Slip-Ups or Disclosures contains 57 telltale signs. Each of the 21 categories of infidelity signs contains from 19 to 92 specific telltale signs.

Don't accuse your spouse or significant other of cheating solely on the basis of the signs above. Before you confront your mate about infidelity you need to have solid proof.  Where there's one sign of infidelity, there are always dozens more to be found.  Knowing what to look for is the key. 

This is where a good infidelity reference book can help.  Is He Cheating on You? 829 Telltale Signs documents practically every known sign of infidelity, including the subtle signs people usually overlook. Despite the title, most of the signs in the book apply to both cheating women and men.

Is He Cheating on You? 829 Telltale Signs is available in soft cover from or as an e-Book format from
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