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Mistress Day Excuses Cheating Men Use to Cover a Lover's Tryst

Was your man missing for an extended period of time today?

Was he unreachable by phone?  Did he take too long to return your call or your text?

Does he have plans tonight that don’t involve you?

It’s not uncommon for these things to happen when a cheating man is spending time with his lover on Mistress Day.  Lies must be told to account for his unavailability.

What excuse did he give?

Cheaters husbands and boyfriends can come up with all kinds of excuses to cover up a lover’s tryst on Mistress Day.

Most cheating men will usually devise a work-related excuse  of some kind. A 2-hour absence around the middle of the day can be covered with the “lunch with a client” excuse.  For an afternoon disappearance similar in length, the “business meeting excuse” will usually suffice.   An hours-long disappearance in the evening can often be disguised as “dinner with clients from out-of-town.”

These types of excuses are commonly used because they’re unlikely to be questioned by the cheater’s mate.  

You should be very suspicious if he goes missing for an extended period of time.  You should be equally suspicious if he has plans to go somewhere or do something this evening that doesn’t involve you.

Another common excuse cheating husbands and boyfriends use is

“I had to go pick up your Valentine’s Day gift.”

Not many women will challenge that.  He can always cover a lengthy absence by telling you he had to wait because it wasn’t ready yet, to the line was unusually long.  

If you suspect infidelity, or think he’s up to no good, look for incriminating evidence  when he returns.  Check his pockets his “junk drawer,” the top of his dresser or nightstand for  a restaurant, hotel, gas, parking , ATM  or credit card receipts – anything that can clue you in to where he might have been, or what he was up to behind your back.

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