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Is She Cheating on You While You Watch the Super Bowl Game?

It’s not uncommon for cheaters to use the “Super Bowl abili” to cheat on their mates on Super Bowl Sunday.  Could your wife or girlfriend be cheating on you while you watch the Super Bowl game?
If she has a secret lover, she knows you’ll be too engrossed in the Super Bowl game to know or care where she is while the game is going on, or to even realize she’s not at home or at her girlfriend’s place where she said she would be. .  She’s free to hook up with her secret lover without raising your suspicions, or worrying about getting caught.
If you think your wife or girlfriend has plans to use the Super Bowl alibi on you try one of the tips or suggestions below:
●  Ask her what she plans to do or where she plans to be while you’re watching the Super Bowl game.
●  If you plan to watch the at a friend’s place or at a sports bar and she plans to stay at home, leave something behind in an obvious place – a door key (make sure you have a duplicate), your cap, watch, your cigarettes - whatever.  To verify that she’s still at home, call her 15 – 20 minutes after you leave and ask her to check and see if it’s there.  If she’s still at home she’ll check and of course,  tell you that it is.  If she’s not at home – well, who knows what she might say?  
●  Call or text her a couple of times while the game is in progress.  Does she call or text you back within a reasonable period of time?  Does she ignore you?  Is her phone turned off?  Is she missing in action?
●  If your suspicions are really strong, you could always change your mind at the last minute, or double back after you leave and take her out for dinner while the game is on.  If your suspicions prove to be true, she will probably panic and have to make a quick phone call or send a text to alert her lover of the change in plans.  If your suspicions are wrong, no harm, no foul.  You may actually gain points with her because you’ve her know that being with her means more to you than watching the Super Bowl game.
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