Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Is He Really Watching the Super Bowl with the Guys or Cheating on You?

Will your husband or boyfriend really be watching the Super Bowl game with the guys this Sunday?  Or will he be holed up someplace with another woman cheating on you? 
Many cheating men use the "Super Bowl alibi" to cover up a lover's rendezvous.  It's a believable way to account for a large block of time away from you this weekend without you getting suspicious.  If you're not a football fan, you're probably not going to question him about being missing or unreachable for 3 or 4 hours Sunday evening.  But he could really be somewhere wining and dining his mistress (or otherwise engaged) with no fear of getting caught.
The “Super Bowl alibi” has cropped up many times in my interviews with cheaters over the the past 20+ years.  Below are few tips or suggestions if you think your man might be planning to use the "Super Bowl alibi" on you:
Be alert for unusual behavior on his part regarding the Super Bowl game.
●  He's not a football fan but suddenly has a burning desire to watch the Super Bowl game with the guys at the home of one of his friends. 
●  He always invites the guys over to watch the Super Bowl game at his place, but tells you he's watching the game someplace else this year.
●  He usually watches the Super Bowl alone in the comfort of his own home, but decides to watch it at a sports bar this year.
It may be legit - but something that’s a drastic departure from what he normally does could be a warning sign.  It can’t hurt to ask a few questions or do some discreet checking to determine if he's being honest with you about what's going on.

You might also try putting a few checks and balances in place like the ones below:
●  If he says he’s watching the game at the home of a friend, ask if it’s just the guys – or are wives and girlfriends welcome too. 
●  If he says he’s watching the game at a friend’s place and you know the friend’s wife or girlfriend, double check with her to confirm that it’s true.
●  Suggest that he invite his footballs friends to your place to watch the game this year and provide them with plenty of beer and tasty things to eat.
●  If he says he plans to watch the game at a sports bar, find out which one it is, and drop in to see if he’s really there.
●  If you’re not a football fan, check with a male friend or family member about one or more noteworthy plays during the game. Mention them or ask about them when he returns home and gauge his response.
●  Stop by the friend’s place where he’s supposedly watching the game to drop off an extra case of beer or a special Super Bowl snack you’ve prepared. 
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