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How Valentine’s Day Flowers Will Expose Many Cheating Mates Today

Valentine’s Day flowers can expose cheating mates and accidentally lead to the discovery of extramarital affairs.  Of the $2 billion being spent on Valentine’s Day flowers this year a significant  amount will come from cheating men buying flowers for their mistresses or someone they’re seeing on the side. Many of these cheaters will end up being exposed by the flowers they give or receive. 
Love Note Mix-Ups
Love note mix-ups are a fairly common way for Valentine season infidelity to be brought to light.  Many cheating husbands and boyfriends buy Valentine’s Day flowers for their affair partner from the same florist they buy flowers for their main girlfriend or wife.   Frequently, both sets of flowers are purchased at the same time.  

For florists, Valentine’s Day is their busiest time of the year.  Things can get pretty hectic with hundreds – sometimes thousands of floral arrangements being delivered in a short period of time.  It’s easy for florist or their assistant to get the love notes for the two sets of flowers mixed up. But it’s not always the florist’s fault.  If the love notes are attached by the cheater himself, then he may be responsible for the mistake.

Florist Receipts and Credit Card Bills

Secret love affairs can also exposed by the florist receipt with the mistress’s name and address if the cheater forgets to put it away,  It may be accidentally left in the cheating man’s pocket, or inadvertently left lying around for his wife or main girlfriend to find. While this can be upsetting, it can also be an unexpected  bonanza if the wife or girlfriend has been trying to find out the identity of the “other woman” in her man’s life.

Sometimes infidelity may be exposed by a credit card statement that comes in long after Valentine’s Day which indicates that two bouquets of flowers were purchased.  Or it could be a forgotten credit card slip or discarded florist receipt that reveals this possibly incriminating fact.  The cheater may be caught by surprise and be unable or unwilling to explain who received the other bouquet.

Flowers a Cheating Wife Receives

A cheating wives or girlfriend can be exposed by  the Valentine’s Day flowers her secret lover has sent.  Her husband or boyfriend may happen to see a note attached with sentiments of love from another man.  

Or he may find out from gossipy co-workers that a lavish bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers was sent to his wife or girlfriend at her place of work. This could be indicative of infidelity  -- a sign that you may not be her only Valentine. This is especially true if the flowers are sent to her workplace instead of her home. If they weren’t sent by a male family member like her father, her son or her favorite nephew, then she’s got some explaining to do.

The husband or boyfriend may even stumble across an incriminating love note to his spouse or significant other long after Valentine’s Day has passed.  Because women are sentimental, they tend to save these types of things.

Valentine’s Day Flowers Expose 3 Extramarital Affairs

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