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How to Sabotage Your Cheating Mate’s Plans for Mistress Day

Cheating men and their mistresses are eagerly looking forward to spending time with each other  on Mistress Day, Feb. 13.  This day is very important to the secret lovers since Valentine’s Day will be spent with their spouse or primary mate.  If your spouse or significant other happens to be one of these cheating Valentines, you might want to sabotage their plans.

The article entitled WhatCheaters Everywhere will be Doing on Mistress Day discussed the types of things that cheating men and women generally do together on their special day.  This article goes into more detail on some of the things you can do to sabotage their carefully laid plans.

Flowers for Mistress Day

Since the cheater will usually by flowers for his mistress. There are a number of things you can do if you’re lucky enough to get your  hands on the florist receipt. The name of the person  they are to be delivered to is a dead give-away.  And if the delivery address doesn’t match where you live or work, you’ll know for sure the flowers aren’t for you.  Re-routing or canceling the mistress’s Valentine’s Day flowers is one way to sabotage the cheater’s plans.

One woman called the florist and had the flowers delivered to a different apartment in the same building where the mistress lived.  Another woman had her brother pretend to be the cheater and cancelled the delivery saying that he just learned that the intended recipient would be out of town.  He told the florist he call and reschedule the delivery after she returned.  Harmless? Yes.  But it served the purpose of spoiling the cheating Valentines’ day.

Romantic Dinner or Lunch

A romantic lunch or dinner usually figures prominently in the Mistress Day rendezvous.  You might want to check to see if the cheater has made reservations for Mistress Day at one of his favorite upscale restaurants. Do a little snooping on your own or check with his secretary (if he has one) to see where he has lunch (or dinner) reservations for Feb. 13.

If you’re able to find out, you can take pictures of them arriving together and confront him later.  Or if you’re bold enough you can show up at the restaurant and meet them at the door.   Another alternative is to surprise him at work treat him to special pre-Valentine’s Day lunch or pre-Valentine’s Day drinks and dinner after work.  If he has to spend Mistress Day with you instead of her, it will certainly put a monkey wrench in their plans.  To read about the really unique way one woman sabotaged her husband’s Mistress Day lunch along with 3 other brief real-life accounts, see the article on my Real Life Infidelity blog entitled How 4 Wives Sabotaged Their Husband’s Plans on Mistress Day

Weekend Lover’s Rendezvous

Since Mistress Day falls on Monday this year, some cheating husbands and boyfriends may have even taken their mistress away for the weekend and passed it off as a business trip.  Especially since the weekend lover’s rendezvous would not keep him from celebrating Valentine’s Day as usual with you.  If find evidence that he’s taken a weekend trip with his mistress and you’re able to find out the flight number, you (or a private investigator) can be waiting at the airport when the two cheating Valentines return.

Mistress Day Lover’s Tryst

A little digging could also uncover evidence of a hotel or motel reservation for Feb 13.   Surprise the lovebirds by waiting in the lobby to greet them when they arrive.  If you’re not one for a lot of drama,  feel you may lose control, or think the situation might get out of hand, you can always opt for a more low-key approach, Simply arrange the evidence you’ve found in a strategic place where he’ll be sure to see it.  Then see what lies he’ll tell you, or what trumped up excuse he’ll concoct in his attempt to explain it all away. 

Other Options

If this isn’t the first time he’s cheated on you, or you’ve had it with all his lies and phony excuses, you might want to hire a private investigator to take pictures of His Mistress Day rendezvous so that when you confront him about his infidelity, you’ll have documented proof. 

You can see that you have a number of options for sabotaging his Mistress Day plans.  For real life accounts of how other women have sabotaged their partner’s Mistress Day plans, see the article entitled How 4 Wives Sabotaged Their Husband’s Plans on Mistress Day on my Real Life Infidelity blog.

This article is part of the Valentine’s Day infidelity article series associated with my 14th Annual Valentine’s Day Infidelity Awareness Campaign.  Upcoming articles in the next 2 days will cover what clues to look for between February 13 – 15,  how flowers, jewelry, and certain types of behavior can expose a cheating Valentine, and specific signs that show up when Valentine’s day has passed.

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