Sunday, January 01, 2017

This New Year's Day Sign of Infidelity Will Expose Your Cheating Mate

On New Year’s Day, there’s one sign of infidelity that can quickly and easily expose your cheating mate.  If you think your spouse or significant other has a secret lover, take a look at his or her cell phone to find out the first person they had contact with today.  Look for any calls, text messages, e-mails or voice mail messages received right around midnight on New Year’s Eve or very early on New Year’s Day. If the first person the cheater made contact with during this critical time period was not a family member, it’s likely to be the person  he or she is cheating with – especially if it’s a member of the opposite sex. 

Most cheaters can’t resist the urge to touch base with their affair partner to wish them a Happy New Year.  They’ll usually do this shortly before or after midnight on New Year’s Eve, or at the first available opportunity on New Year’s Day.  Act quickly before they delete the call or text, because this highly incriminating telltale sign will expose the cheater’s affair. 

Consider the following real life story which drives home this point.

Early on New Year’s Day while her husband Harold was still asleep, Judith checked his cell phone and found that he’d called one of his female co-workers at 11:53 p.m. the previous night. This was the same woman Judith had questioned Harold before about before,  was told that the numerous calls  text messages between them were related to the business project they were working on. Obviously Harold couldn’t use this excuse to explain his phone call to this woman on New Year’s Eve.

If you’re unable to check the cheater’s cell phone on New Year’s Day, try checking his or her cell phone bill.  If you don’t recognize the number, use a reverse phone search service like to find out who the number belongs to.  This reliable online service is affordable and discreet.

But keep in mind that if you find evidence of infidelity on New Year’s Day, you still need may additional proof.  A good infidelity reference book can help.  Is He Cheating on You – 829 Telltale Signs documents practically every known sign of infidelity, and applies to both cheating women and cheating menThe  e-book version can be ordered from  The soft cover version is available from Amazon.

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