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How to Catch Your Cheating Mate on New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve gives you a rare opportunity to catch your cheating mate - an opportunity you won’t find at any other time of the year. The cheater’s behavior on New Year’s Eve will usually give him (or her) away. Be observant and pay close attention to whatever the cheater says or does, and you’ll probably catch him or her in the act.

Their Secret Lover Could Be Someone You Know
According to an infidelity study a few years ago, 75% of people having affairs are cheating with workmates or friends.  So the likelihood is high that your spouse or significant other’s secret lover is probably someone you know.  It could be a neighbor, a mutual acquaintance, a co-worker or family friend. If it’s someone from your social circle, it’s possible the three of you could end up at the same New Year’s Eve party this year. If so, you’ve got a golden opportunity to check things out.

Body Language or Behavior Will Give Them Away
If there’s anything going on between your mate and someone else at the party, their body language and behavior will give them away. Keep your eyes and ears open for telltale signs.  It could be something as subtle as a look, touch, wink, caress, or calling each other a pet name.  Or it may be as brazen as kissing, making out, or sneaking off for a quickie, if they think the coast is clear.  If your spouse or significant other disappears for an extended period of time, discreetly try to find out where he or she has gone. 

Watch Them Closely on New Year’s Eve
Regardless of whether they're out partying, or celebrating an intimate New Year’s Eve at home, most cheaters can’t resist the urge to contact their secret lover around midnight to wish them a Happy New Year.  Watch him or her closely during this critical period of time, and you'll probably catch the cheater in the act.  Stay alert because cheaters can be quite resourceful in concocting excuses to get away.  Any unexplained absences, whispered conversations, or errands that must be run before or after midnight should be cause for alarm. Cheaters have used  all kinds of excuses to get away long enough to make a phone call, send a  text message, or make a quick visit if their lover lives nearby.

Proceed with Caution and Get Solid Proof
Even if your spouse or significant other behaves suspiciously on New Year’s Eve, you still may need additional proof. Don't confront him or her unless you have a solid case.  Otherwise, the cheater will lie, deny, or play mind games with you to explain away whatever he or she said or did. 

Bear in mind that signs of infidelity seldom appear in isolation.  If he or she is really cheating on you, there will be lots of corroborating signs.  Since many of them are subtle, knowing what to look for is the key.

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