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6 After-Christmas Signs of Infidelity That Can Expose a Cheating Mate

The 6 signs of infidelity below typically appear shortly after Christmas, and can expose a cheating mate or confirm the existence of a suspected affair.

Knowing what to look for is the keyThe cheater will usually be exposed by a Christmas gift he or she has given or received. Be alert for one or more of the 6 “after-Christmas” infidelity signs below:

1.  The disappearing gift.  You accidentally discover a hidden gift before Christmas that you thought was for you.  However Christmas has come and gone, the gift has disappeared from its hiding place, but it wasn’t given to you.  Where is the gift now? If no one else in the family received it, who was it given to? 

NOTE:  To read a brief account of how one wife found out her husband's infidelity because of a disappearing Christmas gift, see Cheating Husband Exposed by Christmas Gift to Wife’s Best Friend at   

2.  Receipts for the purchase of two identical gifts. You find a receipt or credit card  bill indicating that two of the exact same gifts were bought.  You received one, but who did your mate give the other gift to?
3.  A thank you note, e-mail, text message or voice mail to your mate from someone of the opposite sex for a Christmas gift you know nothing about. If it was just an innocent gift, your spouse or significant other would have mentioned that he or she bought it, or even asked you to help them pick it out. The fact that it was done behind your back suggests that it was something you weren’t supposed to know about. Ask yourself (and your mate) Why?
4.  Gifts of an overly personal nature given to your spouse or significant other by a business acquaintance or casual friend of the opposite sex. Things like scarves or ties are neutral Christmas gifts. But Christmas gifts like jewelry, lingerie, articles of clothing, or similar personal items from members of the opposite sex should raise an alarm.

5.  Expensive gift items that suddenly appear after Christmas, which your mate claims to have bought for himself/herself. Ask your mate a few questions the suspicious newly acquired gift.  When did they buy it? Why haven’t they mentioned it, or worn it before now? Can he or he show you the sales receipt for the suspicious gift?

6.  Credit card statements that arrive after Christmas showing charges for gift items you know nothing about and didn’t personally receive. If you weren’t the one who charged a watch from Sak’s Fifth Avenue, or $300 worth of Victoria’s Secret lingerie to your joint credit card,  who did? And if you weren’t the person who received the gift that was charged, who was it given to?

A Word of Caution about Telltale Signs of Infidelity

These are just a few of the signs of infidelity an observant spouse or significant other can find shortly after Christmastime.  But you should never accuse your mate of cheating solely on the basis of one of the 6 signs above.  Signs of infidelity rarely appear in isolation.  If your spouse or significant other is really cheating, you’ll find dozens of other corroborating signs. Since most of the signs are subtle and easy to overlook, knowing what to look for is the key. So be sure you’re on solid ground before you confront your mate. Things are not always what they appear to be.

NOTE: The 6 “after-Christmas” telltale signs above are taken from the 3 chapters on Gifts, Financial Affairs, and Physical Evidence 

If You Need Additional Proof

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