Wednesday, November 25, 2009

15 Reasons a Wife Should Give Thanks if She Has a Faithful Mate

This Thanksgiving, any wife with a faithful husband has a lot to be thankful for.

Infidelity statistics indicate that 3 out of every 4 men are cheating on their mates.

Faithful husbands are few and far between.
See the article entitled Be Thankful This Thanksgiving if You Have a Faithful Mate.

If you’re fortunate enough to be the 1 wife out of every 4 whose husband isn’t having an affair, there are 15 things you should be thankful for.

1. Be thankful that your marriage and family are still intact.

2. Be thankful you that don’t have to fight over which parent your children will spend Thanksgiving with this year.

3. Be thankful your husband hasn't packed his bags and moved in with his mistress.

4. Be thankful your husband hasn’t surprised you with divorce papers out of the blue.

5. Be thankful you don’t have to go through a custody battle over your children.

6. Be thankful you don’t have to deal with the mental and emotional trauma that infidelity brings.

7. Be thankful you don’t have to sit home alone at night wondering where your husband is, or who he’s with.

8. Be thankful you haven’t contracted a sexually transmitted disease because your husband had unprotected sex with someone else.

9. Be thankful your husband hasn't emptied your joint bank account or used family funds to finance his extramarital affair.

10. Be thankful you don’t have to agonize over the difficult decision of whether or not to stay with a cheating mate.

11. Be thankful you don’t have to shell out money to a divorce attorney to help you bring your marriage to an end.

12. Be thankful you don’t have to persuade your husband that the two of you need to see a marriage counselor to get your marriage back on track.

13. Be thankful you’re not one of those 26 million unsuspecting wives who didn’t know her husband was having an affair.

14. Be thankful you’re not an object of pity among your family and friends because you were the last to know.

15. Be thankful the time and energy you’ve invested in your marriage have not been in vain.

Not Sure if Your Husband is One of the Faithful Few?

If you’re not quite sure whether your husband is among the cheaters, or the faithful few, then be thankful you found this article. Here a way for you to find out. Request a free copy of the special report entitled Is He Cheating? Is She Cheating? - 21 Ways You Can Tell, by e-mailing with “21 ways -tkb" in the subject line.

You’ll be thankful you did.

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