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Signs of Infidelity that Show Up AFTER Valentine’s Day

If your husband or boyfriend is having an affair, certain signs of infidelity will usually show up AFTER Valentine’s Day.

If your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you, the same thing holds true.

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, there may still be some incriminating evidence around that can help you catch you cheating mate.

Follow His Paper Trail

Most cheating husbands or boyfriends will buy their mistress a Valentine’s Day gift. It could be, jewelry, lingerie, flowers or a box of chocolates. Use this fact to your advantage, if you suspect infidelity. Regardless of how he paid for the Other Woman’s Valentine’s Day gift, his purchase will leave a paper trail. ATM slips, bank statements, store receipts, charge slips or credit card bills all contain valuable clues – where or when the transaction took place, and what was bought, or how much money was withdrawn or spent.

You probably won’t have to look very hard to find tangible evidence, because men tend to be careless with receipts. They’ll casually stuff things in their pockets and forget to take them out. Or they’ll empty their pockets and absently-mindedly toss everything on top of the dresser or the night stand or in the garbage.

What you’re looking for is a store receipt or a credit card charge slip from a jewelry store, women’s boutique or specialty shop, a lingerie store or catalog (like Victoria’s Secret), a florist, or something along those lines.

If you find a florist receipt, check to see how many purchases were made. If the receipt shows that 2 dozen roses were bought and you only receive one, who did he send the other dozen roses to? Sometimes the receipt will have the name and address of who the flowers were delivered to. If not you may be able to call or visit the florist to get this information. Most florists won’t tell you, but some will. Give it a try.

Does the receipt correspond with the gift you received from your husband or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day? Did you find a receipt for jewelry, but candy and flowers were all you got? You may encounter a situation like the two below:

Celine’s Cheating Valentine Story

While dropping off her husband’s suit at the dry cleaners, Celine found a jewelry store receipt in his jacket pocket for a 14K gold and diamond heart-shaped pendant that cost $446. Thinking it was the receipt for her Valentine’s gift, she said nothing so as not to spoil the surprise. But on Valentine’s Day Kevin gave her a ring. Although Celine couldn’t find out who Kevin gave the pendant to, the fact that he bought a $400 gift for another woman told her all she needed to know.

Gina’s Cheating Valentine Story

While emptying the bedroom wastepaper basket, Gina found an ATM slip from her husband Carlos’ bank account dated February 10, indicating a $450 cash withdrawal. She immediately became suspicious because the card, roses and box of chocolates Carlos gave her for Valentine’s Day couldn’t have cost anywhere near that amount. She was convinced Carlos spent the money on a Valentine’s Day gift for another woman, and began looking for other signs of infidelity to confirm that Carlos was having an affair.

Suspicious Gifts to Her

Men with cheating wives or girlfriends should be on the lookout for suspicious Valentine’s gifts that suddenly show up after Valentine’s Day. If your wife or girlfriend has a secret lover, he undoubtedly bought her a Valentine’s Day gift so pay special attention to any new jewelry she starts wearing when Valentine’s Day has passed. Any jewelry that’s heart-shaped, is usually a dead give-away. You might also check to see if it’s engraved with sentiments of love.

Rodney’s Cheating Valentine Story

Shortly after Valentine’s Day, Rodney noticed Pat wearing a bracelet with several small gold heart-shaped charms. He complimented her on it and asked where she got it from. Pat told him she bought it for herself at a jewelry store that had an after-Valentine’s Day sale. But when Rodney questioned Pat further, she was vague about which jewelry store it came from and how much the bracelet cost, and told him she’d misplaced the receipt. Rodney became suspicious because Pat was very organized and always saved receipts long after they were needed. And she always knew exactly how much everything cost.

It was several days before Rodney managed to get a closer look at the bracelet, which Pat left in her jewelry box when she went to the gym. Upon closer examination Rodney saw that each of the first 8 hearts had a single letter engraved on the back, which together spelled “I love you.” The 9th heart was slightly larger than the others and was engraved with the words “ Love,Ted 2008.”

Don’t Confront the Cheater Without Additional Proof

Don’t confront your cheating spouse or lover solely on the basis of signs of infidelity like those above. Those the evidence may be strong, it’s not enough to go on. You need to gather additional proof.

Signs of infidelity never appear in isolation. Cheaters ALWAYS display multiple telltale signs. Where there’s one sign of infidelity, there are plenty of other corroborating signs just waiting to be found. Knowing what to look for is the key.

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