Friday, February 13, 2009

Catch Your Cheating Spouse on Unofficial Mistress Day

February 13th is often referred to as unofficial Mistress Day.

Since a cheating husband (or boyfriend) will usually spend Valentine’s Day with his wife (or steady girlfriend), he will usually set aside the day before Valentine’s Day (Mistress Day) to spend time with the woman with whom he’s having an affair.

In fact, cheating Valentines of both sexes generally plan to spend time together on February 13th or unofficial Mistress Day, so they can ether give or receive their secret lover’s Valentine’s Day gift.

This is especially true since Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year.

Getting Together to Give or Receive a Valentine’s Day Gift

Regardless of whether it’s flowers, jewelry, chocolates or lingerie, that Valentine’s Day gift must be personally delivered or received.

So the cheating husband or boyfriend will usually make every effort to personally deliver his mistress’s Valentine’s Day Gift.

A cheating wife or girlfriend will usually rearrange her schedule so she can meet her secret lover and personally receive his gift.

That’s why today, Mistress Day, February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to catch your cheating mate.

If you suspect your spouse or significant other of being a cheating Valentine, the tips below will either help you sabotage their plans -- or catch them in the act.

Call Your Mate at Work This Afternoon

Did your spouse or significant other return from lunch at the usual time today? Or did he or she take an extended lunch hour, or take the whole afternoon off? Call them after lunch to find out.

Did he or she leave work early to spend an hour or two with his or her lover before coming home? Call an hour or two before quitting time.

Your mate and his or her lover could have made plans to meet after work for a pre-Valentine’s Day tryst.

Call and suggest that the two of you start your Valentine celebration early by meeting for pre-Valentine’s drinks after work. Does he or she try to talk you out of the idea, discourage you from dropping by, or make excuses for why he or she can’t go?

You could also surprise your mate by just showing up unannounced, and sabotage any plans he or she might have made.

Lame Excuses to Get Away

Be very suspicious of flimsy or trumped up excuses from your mate to go somewhere or do something without you tonight. Cheaters will come up with all kinds of excuses to spend time with their lovers on Mistress Day.

Cheating husbands and boyfriends will generally use some type of work-related excuse. A cheating wife or girlfriend will usually give an excuse that involves a sick relative or friend.

Plans Tonight That Don’t Include You

Does your spouse or significant other have plans for this evening that don’t include you?.

Ladies, when your husband comes home tonight, check for incriminating hotel or restaurant charge slips or receipts. Men are usually careless about such things and will frequently stuff them into a pocket without thinking. Or he may carelessly toss the contents of his pockets on the nightstand, or the top of the dresser when he undresses tonight, without giving it a second thought. Check to see what you can find.

Men, when your wife or girlfriend returns home for the evening, notice if she’s wearing perfume, jewelry or lingerie, that she wasn’t wearing when she left home.

What Else to Look for if You Still Suspect Infidelity

If everything checks out, then your spouse or lover may not be cheating – or it culd be tht you don’t know where to look or what to look for to find telltale signs of an affair.

Check back tomorrow and I’ll post some specific signs of infidelity that usually show up AFTER Valentine’s Day.

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Cameron Sharpe said...

I am so thrilled to read about this topic, especially since it evolves around my issue, not just this time, but time after time. So many of my relationships ended with me hanging on far too long, trying to convince a guy to stay, either through sex, or just turning a blind eye to the “no”, hanging on for months and months, making a fool out of myself,desperately.